Asian Esports Collaboration Summit

Date: 11 April 2018
Venue: Shanghai, China

At the first Asian Esports Collaboration Summit held on April 11, 2018 in Shanghai, representatives of the National Olympic Committee in Asia region, government officials and industry practitioners came together to network and engage in discussions about development opportunities for the esports scene in Asia.

Asian Electronic Sports Federation (“AESF”) is the sole competent authority for electronic sports throughout Asia and recognized by Olympic Council of Asia (“OCA”). Mr. Kenneth Fok, AESF President, highlighted the vision of AESF was to become the leading esports confederation worldwide and to lead Asian esports to develop in a healthy and sustainable way.

“Essentially, esports must be properly regulated, respected and recognised, in order to rise to the standard of an Olympic sports. In anticipation of the enormous growth potential, statutory organizations, government bodies as well as the commercial sectors must work together to promote esports,” Mr. Fok stressed.

“There are hurdles to be overcome but we are confident that we share a common goal with all stakeholders in developing esports in Asia as professional sporting, and the players comparable to athletes in traditional sports. We are delighted that esports will be included in the 18th Asian Games in Jakarta, Indonesia as a demonstration sport and then as an official sport in the 2022 Asian Games in Hangzhou, China,” Mr. Fok continued.

In the months ahead, AESF also planned to organize an Asian Electronics Sports Carnival, the Esports Asian Cup, and the Asian Electronic Sports Award Presentation. The success of the Asian Esports Collaboration Summit in Shanghai marked that Asia was ahead of the world and China would lead the way in the future success of esports.

AESF Executive Board Members

Vice President, Mr. Harry Warganegara Harun, Indonesia

President of E-Sports Association Hong Kong, Mr Eric Yeung

Board members click started the official website

Mr Fok stepped up to the challenge

Mr Fok, AESF President, presented the development plans of AESF