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Who is AESF?

Who is AESF?

The Asian Electronic Sports Federation (“AESF”) is the sole competent authority for electronic sports throughout Asia and recognized by Olympic Council of Asia (“OCA”) as such.
Esports was contested at the Fifth Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan, in September 2017 and appeared as a demonstration event at the 2018 Asian Games in Indonesia, and then included as an official medal event for the 2019 Southeast Asian Games in Manila, Philippines. The 2019 SEA Games saw the inclusion of three PCs, two mobile and one console games. 
AESF aims to enhance the quality and professional governance of esports; support and oversee the development of esports in the Asia region; and nurture the development of world-class athletes for success in the international arena.

  • Promote the practice of electronic sports in a non-discriminatory, inclusive and innovative manner
  • Foster friendly relationships between its Members and other entities involved in electronic sports
  • Organize its own international competitions and to draw up regulations and provisions and ensure their enforcement
  • Protect the interests of its Members
  • Encourage and support individuals, Members, and other affiliated entities in the development and coordination of electronic sports competitions
  • Develop and preserve the independence of electronic sports
  • Ensure good governance of any other Members by taking appropriate steps to prevent the infringements of the Statutes, Regulations or decisions of the AESF
  • Promote integrity, ethics, and fair play with a view to prevent all methods or practices, such as corruption, doping or match manipulation, which might jeopardize the integrity of matches, competitions, Players, officials and members or give rise to abusive situations among any of the Members of the AESF
  • Encourage and support implementing the principle of equality of men and women in electronic sports at all levels and in all structures