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AESF Officializes Collaboration with East China Normal University

Left – Right: Mr. Wang Hongzhou, Executive Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of East China Normal University and Mr. Sebastian Lau, Director General of the AESF.
The Asian Electronic Sports Federation (AESF) is proud to announce our latest partnership with an educational institution that would not only add to an already impressive list of partnerships, but also broaden the scope of our network in the academic side of things.
The signing of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the East China Normal University (ECNU) signifies the AESF’s continuous drive in seeking excellence in the academic frontier. Through this agreement, both involved parties will collaborate in academic and industrial research for electronic sports and competitive gaming to promote the construction of a think tank.
AESF will help ECNU to connect with its associates and suggest research topics and contemporary issues in relation to electronic sports, competitive gaming and Olympic agenda for academic seminars and journals so that ECNU can effectively and purposely produce high quality of relevant papers and seminars.
In addition to that, the MoU also sees both parties will seek to identify the social needs and talent demands of the upstream and downstream of the entire industry chain of electronic sports and collaborate with allied universities to jointly and/or independently develop curriculums, programs, textbooks, case studies and journals for Esports.
This in return helps supplement the formation of courses, modules, certificate or degree programs where talents can grow their knowledge, understanding and particular skills for Esports. Fully recognizing the importance of equipping esports athletes with academic knowledge and life skills outside of their competitive world, a continuing education program for Esports athletes will be established, enabling current and former athletes to pursue a university education. This also allows the opportunity for students to pursue a post-career path or even balance Esports and academia at the same time.

Present at the signing of the MoU, the AESF Director General, Mr Sebastian Lau couldn’t hide his delight at this latest development, declaring “This is a tremendous occasion for the AESF as not only were we able to secure a partnership with a very esteemed academic body in China, but also were able to reinforce ourselves with a new partner who shares our core values and vision for esports.”
He added “I hope this collaboration serves as an impetus for more institutions of higher learning to open up their doors for similar partnerships, which in turn benefits not only aspiring esports participants, but also serve as a clear career path for all esports athletes who are still unsure of what to do after retirement. Let it be known to all that while the AESF always advocates the growth of esports, it has to be done holistically, taking into account the players welfare, and the longevity of the scene for many years to come.”
This partnership is the AESF’s second collaboration with a university for the advancement of esports, having previously inked a similar deal with Coventry University in the UK in June 2020. Through that partnership, both parties involved will collaboratively focus on industry research topics such as governance, education of Esports athletes and officials, integrity and commercial aspect of Esports business.