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The 2020 Esports University League Debuts in South Korea
The AESF is proud to witness the successful debut of the 2020 Esports University League (e-Unileague 2020) by the Korea e-Sports Association (KeSPA) last week.
Following the Final round of matches played over the weekend, the Korean esports scene ran a nationwide university esports league thanks to the support of the South Korean government’s Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.
The inaugural event involved representatives from 30 universities from four distinctive regions in the country, as well as being notable for having featured eight female esports players competing in this co-ed competition. The titles contested during the esports league included League Of Legends and PUBG.
After several intense rounds of matches, the winners for each categories are Chunnam Techno University (League Of Legends) and University of Seoul (PUBG). Most notably the Winner of PUBG, team University of Seoul, boosted a female player in the winning line-up shows how this inclusive competition is paving the way and normalising gender gaps in esports.

Winner of LOL (Chunnam Techno University)

Winner of PUBG (University of Seoul)
The Finals of the e-Unileague 2020 took place from 14 to 15 November 2020, which was held online due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. In preparation for the Finals round, the participating teams received training from the GenG Sports Academy team and corporate training with pro league players from SeolHaeOne Prince.
The main objectives of the esports league were to increase public interests in esports through the promotion of amateur esports, as well as increase the number of active esports participants through education and offering job opportunities in esports-related areas. It also aims to change the perception of the scene, enabling a more wholesome experience for newer fans, whilst keeping enthusiasts engaged at the same time.
This inclusive e-Unileague also provided a new student supporter program, ‘e-Unions’ which aims to encourage students’ participation in games operations and broadcastings. The program saw over 140 applications, which was carefully selected by esports professionals to fill in the roles of 10 Match Operation and 2 Broadcasting positions. This program also provided the opportunity for the students to broadcast the final with broadcaster Ko In Kyu, who previously worked on StarCraft 2, Honor Of Kings and League of Legends. It also aimed to expand the influence of esports in various industries and universities, as well as in fields like academic affairs, finance, and the establishment of facilities by making esports as an official university athletics game.

Left-Right: Caster, Ko In Kyu; e-Unions Student Member, Lee Dohyun; e-Unions Student Member, Ahn Seungyong; Caster, Lee Sunghoon
The nation-wide Esports University League is an initiative by the KeSPA to grow esports on every level throughout the nation. With KeSPA paving the way for cross partnerships between government, education and esports, it is most appropriate to expect similar circuits to be hosted by federations across Asia.

Left-Right: e-Unions Student Member, Lee Dohyun working with Caster, Ko In kyu, broadcasting the Final competitions.
Youngman Kim, the President of Korea e-Sports Association (KeSPA) said “University eSports is a crucial element for healthy eSports eco-system, and governments, federations and other related organizations should realize the importance of it. As this meaningful movement has been initiated in Korea, we do hope that such movement will be expanded throughout the continent.”
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