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AESF and ZGC Group Co-Hosted the World Digital Sports Industry Forum 2024

28 APR 24

28 April 2024 – The Asian Electronic Sports Federation (AESF) jointly hosted the World Digital Sports Industry Forum 2024 with the Zhongguancun Development (ZGC) Group for its second consecutive year on 27 April 2024 in Beijing, China. The theme for this year’s forum was ‘Global Sports and Cultural Exchanges Driven by Science and Technology Innovation.’


As part of the ZGC Forum Annual Conference held from 25 – 29 April 2024, a world-class top-ranking industry forum and event brand that has invited representatives from over 150 foreign governments and more than 100 international organizations, the World Digital Sports Industry Forum holds a distinct position as the only parallel forum specifically focusing on the sports field.


The World Digital Sports Industry Forum brought together global leaders, sports science and technology think tanks, industry partners, and esports federations for multidimensional discussions on various topics in technology and sports to promote the integrated development of sports, technology, and culture. The forum saw the attendance of about 200 participants.

AESF President gave an opening remark via video presentation. 

During his opening remark via video presentation, the AESF President, Kenneth Fok, shared, “Today, amidst the rapid evolution of science and technology driving sports forward, we must embrace the opportunities and challenges of the future with the spirit of innovation, collaboration, and inclusiveness. By bringing together outstanding talents from the global science and technology community, sports, and other related fields, and harnessing the collective wisdom and strength, we can create a brighter future for the global sports industry.”

Cai Yanjiang, ABU Director of Sports 

The opening remark was followed by a keynote speech by Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU) Director of Sports, Cai Yanjiang, on sports broadcast enhancement with digital impact and empowerment.

Summit One (from left): Don Chen, Baro Hyun, Daniel Cossi, Stéphan Euthine, and Steve Kim.

For one of the Summit panel discussions, moderated by AESF Chief Operating Officer, Steve Kim, the topic was the Developments, Prospects, and its Future of Digital Sports. In this panel, Stéphan Euthine, Honorary President of France Esports Federation, spoke on the technological and digital transformation preparation for the upcoming Paris Olympics; Baro Hyun, Founder and CEO of LunaTone, deliberated on the impact of artificial intelligence in digital sports and the future of competitive gaming in Japan; as well as both Daniel Cossi, President of the Brazilian National Esports Confederation, and Don Chen, CEO of Digital Esports Asia, discussed exploring potential growth of digital sports in Brazil and China.


Special Guest Dialogue (front left): Tian Zongqi and Lang Ping.

Apart from discussions revolving around digital sports, the forum also held a session on a special guest dialogue – sports technology empowers athletic performance and digital inheritance of the spirit of China women's volleyball team by Lang Ping, a former head coach of the Chinese Women’s volleyball team.

Summit Two

Summit Three 

The forum was organized by LEP Media and AESF Partners - China Mobile Migu and Digital Esports Asia, as well as sponsored by the World Digital & Technology Sports Alliance (WDSA).