NEWS & MEDIA /Road to Asian Games 2022 Competition Officially Launched by OCA and AESF, Set to Begin on June 15th in Macau, China PR/

Road to Asian Games 2022 Competition Officially Launched by OCA and AESF, Set to Begin on June 15th in Macau, China PR

23 MAY 23

23rd May 2023 – The Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) and the Asian Electronic Sports Federation (AESF) held an online launch ceremony, officially announcing the Road to Asian Games (RDAG) 2022.


Kicking off in Macau, China PR on the 15th of June, teams from 29 countries and five regions across Asia will compete in the official Game Titles of the Hangzhou Asian Games Esports Program.

Kenneth Fok, President of the AESF, highlighted the significance of the Road to Asian Games 2022 as a representation of the highest level of Esports in Asia, saying “The significance of the Road to Asian Games cannot be underestimated, as the outcomes of the Road to Asian Games 2022 will directly influence seedings and groupings in the Asian Games. It is more than a mere warm-up; it serves as the preliminary stage to identify the strongest contenders and the fan favourites – a platform to demonstrate early dominance.”


In a video message, Hideki Okamura, Chairman of the Japan eSports Union (JeSU), expressed his gratitude to the AESF for hosting the "RDAG Festival" in Japan as a prelude to the RDAG 2022 competition, fostering and facilitating international relations among Esports organizations and athletes. He believes the success of the Road to Asian Games will pave the way for the inclusion of Esports in future Asian Games.

Lokesh Suji, South Asian Vice President of AESF, also voiced his support for Esports athletes and emphasized the crucial role of the Road to Asian Games in the growth of Esports both in Asia and the world. Looking ahead, the Road to Asian Games event will foster cultural, technological, and talent exchanges, contributing to the prosperity of Asian traditional sports and esports.

As the Road to Asian Games unfolds, we eagerly await the extraordinary performances from rising stars and legendary athletes. The journey has begun, and the future of Esports shines brighter than ever.


In the spirit of promoting fair competition and ensuring that all participating nations have an equal opportunity, we have actively encouraged countries to register for the RDAG 2022 Competition. We are pleased to announce that a total of 29 countries have decided to participate in this esteemed event.


The RDAG Competition provides an additional platform for countries to showcase their talent, refine their skills, and obtain a competitive advantage leading up to the Asian Games. By participating in RDAG, countries have the opportunity to secure a favorable seeding position, which can enhance their chances of success in the Asian Games.


For countries that have not registered for RDAG 2022 but have directly registered for the Asian Games, their participation remains unaffected. The Asian Games will continue to be a grand gathering of diverse nations, celebrating unity through Esports. All registered countries will compete on an equal footing, showcasing their excellence, and fostering the spirit of camaraderie among nations.


We encourage our citizens to support all athletes, regardless of their participation in RDAG, as they represent the Asian continent on the international stage. Together, let us rally behind our players, teams and nation, to promote the values of sportsmanship, and make these upcoming games a memorable celebration of international unity.


Thank you for your attention, and we look forward to your enthusiastic support during the RDAG Regionals Competition and the Asian Games.